If you are looking for charming and eye-catching shoes, here it is. Leopard printed shoes is one of charming and eye-catching shoes for you to have cute details on your appearance. Somehow, it also could define your brave even though you only give a little touch of leopard on yours. You will find any type of shoes with this cool print from classic shaped pumps to slip on shoes to flats, slides to ankle cutout boots and sandals. All you need is to get the right pair of shoes for you whole outfit. Let us see Charming Outfits with Leopard Print Shoes.

If you have a collection of sandals but you are bored with your sandals, then you should try this DIY Colorful Lace Up Sandals, not only this will give different looks for your sandals, it will also make you looks trendy, stylish and up to date.

Baby is a gift from God. Then, you are definitely the luckiest parent in this world if you have twin. The moment where they are laughing, crying and looking together is very funny. Having twin in your family, require you to have double preparation. Because you do not have a child but two children. You have to prepare two pair of socks, cloths, skirts, shoes, pajamas and others. Besides, when you have a special day, you need to have special preparation for your twin, especially for Halloween! Here we give you cute Halloween costume ideas for twin both for boys and girls.

Necklace is one of jewelry you can wear to enhance your beauty. There also lot of accessories type on necklace like a coin, diamond, a bead and others. You can also try to personalizing your accessories as you like to boost your confident, or when you want to buy it for your loved one. If you want to know how to choose necklace so you will look pretty and stylish, well this is your lucky day because I’m going to give you 10+ Minimalist Necklace to enhance your Beauty.

When you go to school or university, outfit is one of the most important aspects that you need to be smart to choose. After all you don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of your crush, right?

Jeans are number one to choose to have cool look, you can combine it with plain shirt, printed shirt, or cardigan. You can also wear sneaker to make your outfit looks casual. If you want to wear jeans to university or school. Take a note to NOT choose ripped jeans, after all you don’t want to be kicked out of the class.

Choosing jeans with good design that suit with your taste is very difficult. Moreover when you finally get your favorite design, other people are also wearing the same design with you, which is annoying. Well if you want to get jeans with your favorite design and one and only design you can have, then you can try to make it by yourself. It is not that difficult, all you need is good precision and patient. But, if you understand this technique, then you will have full closet of jeans with your own design on it.

Winter is coming, well if you’re fans of games of throne this article will not gonna discuss about that series, but we will discuss much more important matter which is BEANIE. Beanies is a must when you want to go out in winter or cold weather, therefore we need to carefully choose what kind of beanie we will wear out there, after all winter and cold weather will not prevent us from appearing stylish and trendy. Or even with using beanie, you can look cute and charming.

Jeans is one of the necessary clothes that you need to have. Not only because jeans are comfortable but jeans also look stylish especially when you combine it with denim or tee. Skinny jean is one the favorite pants girls love to wear, because with wearing skinny jeans, girls will look sexy and stylish. If you have spare skinny jeans that you think is outdated, then you can transform your skinny jeans into ripped skinny jean to make it look cooler and stylish.

Halloween is coming, yes! Everyone is puzzling over the costumes for Halloween. If you have kids either boys or girls, they will also wonder how they will look like on the exciting day ever, Halloween! It is almost enough to prepare Halloween with unique costumes but almost is never enough. Especially for daughters, to welcome Halloween, daughters have to be wonderful by creative Halloween make up. Here we show you what the creative Halloween make up ideas with popular characters look are for our little daughter. You may try this at home to have your daughter look gorgeous on Halloween day!

Where fall is in full swing, yes we may already looking inspiration for fall looks. Here we share cool fall outfits for toddler boys. Because it is not only you who have to be ready for fall but also your kids should look awesome and cool for this fall. Here are some inspiring outfits you may try for your toddler son.