Women are beautiful with their own styles. No matter the size of body, the color of skin, or other stuffs. You will look awesome with any outfits you wear as long as your are confident. However, it should be think over more to combine your clothes to avoid monotonous look. What about teen with plus size? See these following ideas!

Sneakers are long lasting. The shoes that will never go out of style along year. Even the designer become more creative to design the best sneakers look every season. However, wearing sneakers will bring us to look casual. If you want to know more how to style sneakers with outfit for men. See this ideas!

Being a “plus size woman” is actually not easy. However, we have to accept that term as it is. Due to our body is in large or even xxlarge. What we are worrying for is finding the best outfit that will not show our fat clearly. What about pants? Do a plus size woman still able to wear pants? Why not! Check out these ideas further!