Sapphires and or emeralds are seriously luxurious for any parties. Wearing them will dramatically upgrade your style and level. Those jewelry items usually are done in blue or green. If you want to wear sapphires or emeralds, take a look from these celebrity styles below. Let us check out further!

When it comes to rainy days, you need to wear outfits that waterproof like a raincoat, a jacket, or others. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to look dull. You still can appear stylish and sophisticated on a rainy day. Here we have rainy day outfits that anyone can copy.

Wearing trainers for fall will never outdated. Since, the most stylish shoes are trainers, you have to buy some and collect them on your wardrobe. Appear casual for fall with trainers will not corrupt your balance. As long as you are able to mix and match your outfits, trainers will look sophisticated.

Friday might be challenging. Since it is close to the end of the week, it is a day when you need to dress professionally but also casual. Appear in easy going look can be actually awesome too. Go a head with jeans, shirt, and other simple attires will be nice. Then, give professional touches like wearing loafers or oxfords. Scroll down and find the best outfits for you!

To be present at a certain moment like an office holiday party, we should consider what to wear. Due to it is a semi-formal occasion, so we need outfits that simple but attractive. You have to look professional and chic in a moment. Scroll down and find more inspiring ideas below!

You will never go outdated with leopard print outfit. Since, it is not a trend, wearing leopard is nice for any season. So, what about wearing this for winter or fall? It will be a nice idea as long as you are able to combine it with other attires on your wardrobe. Scroll down and find inspirations!