4 Ultimate Guides For Women Exercise Outfit
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4 Ultimate Guides For Women Exercise Outfit

Physical exercise by going to gym or running in the park is one of the ways to keep your body healthy and strong. Consistency and motivation is needed to make your exercise success, sometimes to boost your consistency and motivation dressing up for your exercise is also important. Not only it will boost your confident when doing exercise, but it also will help you to wick away sweat and make you comfy all the time. When you want to buy outfit for exercise, you need to consider 4 things below:

1 Sports Bra

Sport Bra

Sport Bra is important to support your topside, especially when you do all kind of movement in your physical exercise. Try to find sports bra that is comfy and not too tight for you to wear.

2 T-Shirts

T SHirt

When you choose T-shirts try to choose t-shirts that can absorb your sweat, and most importantly choose t-shirts that don’t stain easily.

3 Good Quality of Pant


When you doing physical exercise, your body will full of sweat and feel uncomfortable, try to choose outfit with breathable fabric so you will have air circulation in your body. Not only for pants but also for t-shirt, sport bra and etc when you are doing your exercise.

4 Shoes


Since you will do lot of physical exercise, then you need to find a comfortable shoes and not too tight so you can avoid injuring your foot. Also, try to find shoes with excellent materials, try to wear the shoes and run a little bit or try to jog before you buy it.

Aside for those 4 things, you also need to consider your body size when choosing sports outfit. Although some outfit looks cool and trendy, you need to ignore them and try all kind and type of outfit in order to find the best outfit that suits your body shape, choose outfit that not too tight, a little loose is good for blood circulation in your body.