3 Easy DIY to Get Wrinkles Out of Your Leather Garments
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3 Easy DIY to Get Wrinkles Out of Your Leather Garments

Let’s be honest, it is so stressful to get wrinkles out of our outfits, especially when we are in a rush. Even though we already caring so much in keep it the safest place but the wrinkles is always come to our leather garments.

One of the ways to minimize wrinkles is by hanging the leathers, but what you need to now is that cheap hangers can actually give birth to more wrinkles, especially along the shoulder on leathers clothes. Sometime wrinkle on leathers is also exist long before the leathers come to your hand, especially when you buy it online.

And to help you solve this problem, here I will present to you 3 Easy DIY to Get Wrinkles Out of Your Leather Garments.

1 Steam in Bathroom


Did you know when you shower with hot water in bathroom the steam actually can eliminate wrinkles in leather garment? The steam that produce while you taking shower will help to make stiff fabric in leathers become pliable, thus will make the wrinkles gone. All you need to do is hang the leather garment in the bathroom, but be careful not to hang the leather close to you, or there will be water stain in you leather garment.

2 Use Alcohol


Alcohol can also be used to loosen upthe stiff fabric on leathers. All you need is to mix water and alcohol and use it as spray. Spray the leather garment from distance with alcohol, few sprays will be enough, then use your hand to creases the wrinkles.

If it’s your first time using this method, then you need first to test it in small part of leather first and make sure that the color will no rub off. Also remember all you need is to spray the leathers and not to soak them inside the alcohol.

3 Iron Out Using Pillow Case


If you need to use Iron then using pillow case as an extra protection for your leathers is a very good move. First arrange the heat setting to the coolest point. Next arrange carefully your leather garment on the ironing board, spread pillow case on top of your garment. By doing this you will have extra protection to cover your leather garment from iron’s heat.