DIY Colorful Lace Up Sandals With Pompoms

If you have a collection of sandals but you are bored with your sandals, then you should try this DIY Colorful Lace Up Sandals. This will not only give different looks for your sandals but also it will make you looks trendy, stylish and up to date.

You can also use this Colorful Lace Up Sandals when going to the beach, try to combine them with shorts, tunics, floral mini dress. Or you can also go simple by combining your sandals with denims shorts, pleated maxi skirts or cuffed jeans.


Before going further, you also need to be carefully in choosing your sandals, try to match the color on your sandals with the color of pompoms and wood beads that you use latter. If you have many sandals, try to match different color of sandals and pompoms and wood beads to get the best result. You can also add another type accessories that you think is cute on your sandals, think more creative ii the best way to get the best result.

And now, let’s go to main event.

First prepare the materials:

Lace up sandals, glue gun, tiny pompoms, wood beads, and pompom beads.

How to do it :

1 for the first step get your lace up sandals. Unlace the sandals.


2 String on the hollow pomp oms and beads, try to mix different color to make it looks cute. After that re-lace the strings. And now you have the first pompoms on the front lace.

3 Next we will add more pompoms on the lace. But this time you need glue gun to glue the pompoms on the lace.


Be careful not to glue the pompoms and wood beads too close. And try to mix different color and different type of pompoms and wood beads to make your sandals looks colorful.