Cute Halloween Costume Ideas For Twins

Cute Halloween Costume Ideas For Twins

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Baby is a gift from God. Then, you are definitely the luckiest parent in this world if you have twin. The moment where they are laughing, crying and looking together is very funny. Having twin in your family, require you to have double preparation. Because you do not have a child but two children. You have to prepare two pair of socks, cloths, skirts, shoes, pajamas and others. Besides, when you have a special day, you need to have special preparation for your twin, especially for Halloween! Here we give you cute Halloween costume ideas for twin both for boys and girls.

Elsa and Anna From Frozen

Elsa and Anna

Gorgeous look for your twin everyone! Elsa and Anna from Frozen movie is already become children’s favorite characters. Wearing them these cute dresses turn them into the most gorgeous princess on town.

Rainbow and Rain Cloud Costumes

Rainbow and Cloud

It is beautiful when we see rainbow after the rain. Having your twin couple of weathers costume is also cute. Rainbow appears after the rain, rain appears after the rain cloud. They are presenting cause and effect phenomenon in a very cute way

One Boy as Sanders and Other Boy as Bucket of Fried Chicken

Sanders and Chicken

If you have twin boys, this idea would be one of best costume for them. They must be familiar with the most popular chicken in the world ‘KFC’. Wearing them the costume as Sanders and the other as fried chicken make you want to eat them as fast as you can but you cannot. They are your children wearing adorable costumes for Halloween.

One Boy as Sushi and Other Boy as Soy Sauce

Sushi and Sauce

Second option costume for twin boys is one boy as sushi and other boy as soy sauce. Look how cute they are on the picture! You are willing to bite them as an expression of your joy, isn’t?

Girl as Grandmother and Boy as Grandfather

Grandmother and Grandfather

Have you ever imagine how your children would be when they are become grandmother and grandfather? If it is hard to imagined, this kind of costume will entertain you as they become grandmother or grandfather on Halloween day. They will be nominated as the cutest grandmother and grandfather in the world.

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