Easy DIY Gorgeous Printed Denim

Easy DIY Gorgeous Printed Denim

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Choosing jeans with good design and suit with your taste is very difficult. Moreover when you finally get your favorite design, other people are also wearing the same design with you, which is sometimes annoying. Well if you want to get jeans with your favorite design and the one and only design you can have, then you can try to make it by yourself. It is not that difficult, all you need is good precision and patient. But, if you understand this technique, then you will have full closet of jeans with your own design on it.

Without further ado, let’s first begin with preparing the materials



1 Plain color jeans (in this tutorial we will use white color)

2 Stencils

3 Tulip Fabric Paint

4 Sponge

5 Brush

6 Scissors

7 2 paper Plate

Use stencils to draw design that you want to create on your jeans. Cut the stencils by following the design that you have create.


Pour small amount of fabric paint into paper plate. Then add water to fabric paint (you can use half tablespoon of water with 2 tablespoons of paint). This is to create better consistency when you paint your jeans.

Place your stencil on your jeans, hold it firmly. Dab sponge brush onto the paint and make sure you to not have too much paint so it will not scatter around.


Start to fill the design on stencil with fabric paint. Start the front side of the jeans and start from the bottom or the top of the jeans.


Make sure to check if the paint is already dry or not before you move to paint another design, this is to make sure you will not ruin the other painted. Don’t worry about the small detail of paint, as long as you fill all the gap in design then everything will work perfectly.

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