Easy and Sexy DIY Skinny Ripped Jeans

Jeans is one of the necessary clothes that you need to have. Not only because jeans are comfortable but jeans also look stylish especially when you combine it with denim or tee. Skinny jean is one the favorite pants girls love to wear, because with wearing skinny jeans, girls will look sexy and stylish. If you have spare skinny jeans that you think is outdated, then you can transform your skinny jeans into ripped skinny jean to make it look cooler and stylish.

In this tutorial we are using black skinny jeans, but if you want to try another color then you are welcome to do so.



1 Skinny Jeans

2 Card Board

3 Marking Pencil or Tailor’s Chalk

4 Pocket knife


For the first step, try to wear your jeans and then mark your jeans by drawing a line in the middle of your knee.


Get some card board and cut it according to the size of your pant leg. Put the card board inside your jean and situate it right under the line that you draw previously. This is so that it will not ruin the other side of your jeans.


Using your pocket knife or razor blade, carefully cut along the mark on your jeans. After that, cut another line using the same method.

You can also draw second line as your guidance when you cut another line. You can do this to get tidy line of ripped jeans. Or you can just cut another line with position ¼” below or above the first line to create a natural ripped impression on your jeans. You can also go wider than ¼”, just suit your taste.

Your ripped skinny jean is ready and go stylish with it.

Don’t forget to always check card board position before you cut your jeans. Don’t press it too hard so it will not ruin the other side.