Adorable DIY Halloween Customes For Kids
Adorable DIY Halloween Customes For Kids

Adorable DIY Halloween Customes For Kids

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Halloween is a celebration observed in several countries on 31st October, the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day.

It is such a cute moment to see our children wearing unique customes on Halloween day and say trick or treat and get the candies. Instead, save money and earn major creativity points by creating your own homemade Halloween costumes. Thus, in special moment like Halloween, as special as that day we have to prepare special costumes. Here are adorable DIY Halloween customes for kids.


Halloween Costume Snail

This snail costume is basically just a backpack. Make it more looks like a snail by adding a ban which has something like snail’s upper tentacles.

Super Girl

Super Girl Halloween Costume

With just one yard of fabric, you can change your toddler into the most stylish cute superhero in town.

Lana Del Ray

d Halloween Costumes 040

Grab a white summer dress and add a dramatic and colorful flower crown. Your daughter will look like a princess.

Hooting Owl Costume

Hooting Owl Halloween Costume Idea 1567804193

Bird-watchers, take note! A simple wicker basket “nest” is a natural choice for a candy caddy for this sweetest owl.

Strawberry Costume

Diy Kids Costumes Strawberry 1567805221

Who doesn’t love a fresh strawberry? Now, you can have them in the middle of fall—who knew? This cute costume will get you in a fresh mood on Halloween. Cut seeds from yellow felt and get leaves from green fabric, cut it out. Put them on a red dress.

DIY Gingham Witch Costume

Country Coven Gingham Witch Halloween Costume 1567804368

Start a country coven! Gussied up in black-and-white gingham, these cute witches are ready to cast some serious spells on Halloween night. Cut two rectangles from black-and-white gingham fabric. Sew ends together, leaving armholes toward the top of the rectangle. Fold in the top. Sew a hand-running stitch along the edge of one of the long sides. Leave a knot at one end and pull the string on the other side to create gathers. Pin at the back of the costume.

Woody Halloween Costume

Homemade Kids Halloween Costume Toy Story 1560355185

First, you can make it by cut off the sleeves of white shirt & the bottom half of the shirt. Second, I cut a v-neck from the neck line & cut a straight line down the front center of the shirt to create the opening. Third, cut out the original neck line. Fourth, then folded in the edges about 1/4, ironed the folded edges, then glued them down with a hot glue gun.  With all the edges folded in & glued, it creates a clean look. Now get your black felt square, used scraps of black felt that had from another project. Finally, cut out different sized cloud-like shapes from your back felt & glue it on your vest anywhere you’d like. Lastly, do not complete the look with Cow-Boy hat.

Yarn Halloween Costume for Kids

Skein Of Yarn Halloween Costume Kids 1539198567

Moms who knit will have a ball. You may dressing your daughter or son as a skein of yarn.

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